Why Nigel Farage worries me

There is a very interesting swing to the extreme right of politics going on in the UK these days and UKIP is driving a lot of it. People like Nigel Farage are tapping into a river of dismay that many underprivileged and ill informed people are feeling and turning it to his political advantage.

I think UKIP is a real threat to mainstream politics in our country, they are exploiting peoples need to blame somebody for the countries ills. Very familiar territory, a little man in Germany used exactly the same tactic in the 30’s to sweep to power and we all know where that ultimately ended.

It is easy to blame immigrants for what is wrong with Britain but that is not the answer, it is simplistic and appeals to those who do not think through the arguments. Unfortunately, in this country, there are millions of ill educated people who want a simple answer to a complex problem and it is these masses that Farage appeals to.

I think the conservatives are making a mistake if they get into bed with UKIP, it will play into Nigel Farages hands and ultimately the country will be the loser. History is a great teacher, let’s heed the lesson.


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